Black Shopping Friday.. Who Knew??

I know that neither D or I are based in America but for the last week or so references to 'Black Friday' kept on appearing in my world. I looked at the calendar and Friday did not fall on the 13th and the Mayan end of the world is not due till the 21st Dec... so what is this Black Friday all about??

Turns out it's all about shopping!!!! This Friday marks the beginning of Christmas shopping and to celebrate place like Walmart in America have mega sales. As much as I love shopping, surely a day of sales should be called Rainbow Friday or Happy Friday? Where did this all start? Ahhhhh, maybe I'm just too traditional but I like to keep my black Fridays...well, black.

AND let us not forget... It's friggen Friday.... lets good times roll!!!!

Note: We all know, any day is a good day for a touch of shopping.

L x

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