Folk Supernatural - Lilla Balazs

OK, I know I have been moaning for weeks now about the onset of Winter. I'm sorry.. it's a proper downer but lets face it, nasty, grey, cold days are just poo. You are either too cold or about to pass out from heat exhaustion because you're overdressed for the bus ride to work OR you just don't have enough hands to manage the scarf, glove, hat, umbrella additions to your outfit while looking for the ringing phone at the bottom of your bag. With that said, there are positive sides too. In these times of cold you get to indulge in warm wine, sleeping in AND best of all, having the perfect excuse to purchase another (preferably statement) coat to add to your collection!!!!

This year I choose the embellished gem of a coat from the A/W13 collection of Lilla Balazs. Recently graduated, this London based fashion, textiles and accessories designer draws on her Hungarian roots to create a collection she calls Folk Supernatural. These heavily embellished garments are just too dreamy and bring a whole new understanding to the ideas of modern folk dressing.

The way I see it.. if you need to be warm you might as well look good!

L x

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