Peculiar Runaway

Being so far away from home, I sometimes forget the everyday stuff of living in Australia… like the massive number of birds flying about or coming home at 2am only to stay up for the next three hours eating toast and watching RAGE (good times!!)  As a result, when I stumble across a shoot that I love and see it’s from a magazine like Russh, I get a proper shot of nostalgia.

This week I’m all about embracing my free spirit so I defiantly want to be like this little cheeky little witch and just run away to Coney Island to play.

 Notorious  - Russh Magazine, Photo: Tung Walsh Model: Cara Delevingne Fashion Editor: Gillian Wilkins

These images are kind of peculiar (like me, really) so I can’t help but love them.

L x

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