Can you believe it!

As I have never had a lazy $4000.00 to drop on piece of designer clothing, I wait for the high street to release 'their version', then Boom! I have my 'D&G' look alike, still before it hits our shores!
Today we came across the new River Island Lookbook.. and OMG guys! They have the D&G black and gold baroque bloomers, a similar print to MuiMui jacquard in bomber form (which in my opinion is even better than the MuiMui suit), Isabel Marant look alike jumpers and the entire Baroque rock story checked off!

I need everything in the Lookbook... Lu, you know what this means baby! I'll need to transfer you some cash if this stock has hit the UK stores!

This is the most successful Winter story I have seen yet! I know we haven't hit summer yet... but BRING IT! Baroque prints, jacquard's, sheers, laces and goth opulent goth styling. 

I need this tartan suit STAT!

D-out. xx


  1. Maybe I need some dragons in my life too.

    Just send me you shopping list!

    L x

  2. Yes- I never thought I would do Oriental... but like this, Hella Yeah!

    D. xx