Easy Breezy You

I love doing this!!  It's true, there has always been a bit of mod to my look. I love a colour blocked out fit with a random print thrown in for contrast. Don't even get me started on big black eye make up... this has been a total obsession ever since I picked up my first eye-liner.

Just throwing one back at ya... the August lookbook for Nasty Gal totally reminds me of you and it's not only because of the amazing blonde hair, which is killer. I just have such a vivid memory of your last London visit where you would  come back from a day of shopping with bag full of giant jumpers and sweats... despite the fact it was the middle of summer... love it, you rebel!

Traveling Spirit –  Nasty Gal Model: Anja Konstantinova

I have never quite worked out where you found all that wool in the hottest months of the year... that is totally a shopping miracle.

I love how easy breezy this all is... kinda like you sweet heart!!!

L x

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  1. agghhhhh!!!!! I lost my shit when I saw this shoot thinking that I need a few more wooly additions!

    The best!
    D. xx