Elvis's Granddaughter

Yes, you saw right... Elvis Presley's Granddaughter! Riley Keough is her name and she is hot, hot, hot!

After seeing Magic Mike (yes, I saw it and it rocked BTW), with a kick ass soundtrack I might add.... I was wooed by 'Nora', so I made sure caught her name in the credits and it was the one and only...
I have been following her career for a whille as I love the fact that she kind of looks like Lisa Marie (Presley) mixed with Ali Larter and a dash the pretty side of Liv Tyler.

She is super hot, super talented and I think we should say Hello to one of our new it girls!



magic mike


rendition magazine

and... hello.... SHE IS RELATED TO ELVIS!! OMG!

D- out. xx

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  1. She is hottie, hot hot hot... and def has the Presley/Priscilla look about her!

    Oh, and I went to see Magic Mike as well... I never laughed so much in my life! Brilliant!

    L x