Thank You. xx

Thank you Lady bird!!!! I love my post below SO MUCH!!!!!

So, YES.. Today I am 30! It has been the best birthday ever! The fact that I work with killer chicks who have updated my Low Luv and Sass and Bide accessory collection, not to mention the giant feast we had for lunch.. (I still cant breath) has made the day so far Ridic. Not to mention my gorgeous faince, girls and family.

In my 20's I always noticed that women in their 30's had an extra wave of confidence about them... Its almost like you're 20's are all about finding yourself, your career, your friends... then by the time you hit 30; its like.."Yep, this is me... If you don't like it....FK off".

So, I have arrived.... "This is me and if you don't like it..... Ciao"

I thought now as a seasoned old timer I would pass on some quotes that I totes believe in. 
Happy Birthday to me.... Yesssss!

D- out. xxx


  1. Exactly, Be yourself or go home!!!

    Hope you had an amazing day lady face!!!!!

    L x

  2. i certainly did... and your moving bon jovi post made me happy to my soul.
    D. xx