Sarcastic, Crazy and Sexy

Sarcastic, crazy and sexy was a description I read somewhere long ago about Moschino. It has always stuck in my mind. You really could not want three more brilliant words used to describe anything let alone the joy that is Moschino. Anyway, I'm off topic...when I think Moschino, I think gold. Gold chain... gold rings... gold trim... outfits always seem to be dripping in gold.

In the spirit of all that is sarcastic, crazy, sexy and GOLD,,, here is Harpers Bazaar Spain - August.

Harpers Bazaar Spain: August Photo: Txema Yeste Model: Hanaa Ben Abdesslem 

Seriously, those long legs on that Porsche... you can't get any more SCS if you tried.

(SCS - Sarcastic Crazy Sexy. I'm so using that acronym from now on. Love it. Get used to it.)

L x

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