Whatever Suits YOU!

Personally I have always hated things that match.. unless its the most over the top matching (pink shoes, pink pants, pink shirt, pink jacket, pink necklace) with always a touch of gold! However, I have always tried to channel the androgynous man suit, like Madonna in vogue era, minus the cone boobs of course, I am yet to successfully pull this off.

The crazy matching suits that have drenched the AW13 and Cruise/resort catwalks make me happy to my soul. From animal prints shown at Stella McCartney to the Amazeballs Balmain Cruise collection, there is just far too much greatness to choose from....

So...go with Whatever SUITS you peeps and rock the 'matchy'!

Balmain Cruise/Resort 13

Felipe Oliveira Baptista

Stella McCartney Cruise/Resort 13

Balmain Cruise/Resort 13

Stella McCartney Cruise/Resort 13

Balmain AW13


Weather you rock a flared pant or a printed bomber... Match that sh*t baby!

D- out. xx


  1. LOVE the Preen..... It's like a posh ADIDAS trackie!!

    Ha ha, is that bad of me to say?

    L x

  2. never!!!!! Adidas has always been cool in my eyes and always will be... Even in the r&b room at underage Metro!

    Yep! I said it!

    D. xx