It’s well established by my close friends that one day I will be found crushed to death by my many boxes of shoes and piles of magazines falling on me while looking for some random jacket I bought 3 years ago. Personally, I could not think of a better way to go.

It’s true I love magazines. This is why I got so excited when I came across PONYSTEP. This London based bi-annual magazine has a brilliant online presence and best of all the photography is kick ass! I adore the bold ‘in ya face’ style of it and I’m defiantly running out later to find myself a copy. How have I missed this mag?

You just can’t go wrong with a magazine that describes itself as ‘focusing on fashion, music, art and high-octane personalities’ and who have already featured Donatella V and will feature Joan C. It’s like they are in our figgen skulls!

D, check out the feature and images of Crufts...   Ciccio your pug needs a doggie portrait ASAP!

Issue 3 out soon... do it!

L x


  1. OH MY DEAR LORD!!!!!
    A MAG THAT HAS POSTED DONATELLA AND JOAN!!!! They are in our skulls!

    This post has made me so happy Lu! Shttest day ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for your awesome mag! ps- i must get my hands on this. D. xx

  2. Donatella and Joan..... its actually us! hahah! x

  3. I can't find it... don't worry, im on the hunt!