You forgot one!!

Domino is a true story of a rich girl who had done it all and was bored with life. Domino Harvey was obsessed with everything weapons who became a Bounty Hunter! Umm- Awesome!

Domino played perfectly by Keira Knightly is one of the best tough chicks ever!!!
With too much eyeliner, short hair, leather jacket, and nun chucks in her back pocket.... I totally want to be like Domino when I grow up!


D-out. xx


  1. I have not seen this one...... Is that Mickey Rourke I see in that picture?

    L x

  2. Yes yes yes! I heart Mickey Rourke! You must see it this weekend!!!! and the other guy in it, Choco is damn fine!!1
    This is my ultimate chick flick!
    D. xx