Birthday Wish List

Sorry baby cakes, I have been off the radar. Just started a new job where I have to work like a MILLION hours a week (long story, but there is method to my madness) and it was my birthday yesterday which involved a few little drinkies after work then home with hot chips and a trash film.

It was a proper chilled birthday which only would have been better if I got any of these little items below as a little birthday surprise.

Dolce and Gabbana Boots, We Are Owls scarf, Peter Pilotto Dress, Dannijo Necklace, Givenchy Jacket, Gucci Skirt, Dax Gabler Clutch, Prism glasses

I'm not saying that I don't LOVE all the amazing prezzies I actually got (and there will be a post to follow about them soon) ... I'm just saying if one of these amazing items flew into my world... I would not complain!

On another note, one thing that was on my list (I have been collecting image for a while) was a Sexy Sweater. Seriously!!! It was sooooooooo funny that you posted about them, stay out of my brain lady!!! Anyway, this is the one that I had my eye on...

Angry poodles.. gotta love it!!!!

L x


  1. How awesome are sexy sweaters! im obsessed! the worst one is those damn poodles- they scare the sh%t out of me! yuk!

    D. xx