Your shiny bling post got me thinking... I love it when people do random stuff that makes me smile. When I came across the amazing neon lights and crazy airbrushed art work of the Dekotora trucks from Japan, I felt a proper happy fuzzy feeling in my tummy. How brilliantly insane are these vehicles? Apparently it started back in the 70's after a series of films prompted truck drivers to 'pimp their ride' with parts from junk yards and neon lights.

It's like the Las Vegas strip and a Manga cartoon had a baby. I so want to drive one !

These colour combos and patterns are perfect outfit/jewellery inspirations. More chrome and neon in my life is all I need it seems.

L x

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  1. THEY ARE THE COOLEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. They are like disco tranformers!
    D. xx