Bad Ass

Your post about buffed up Demi got me thinking... I really do love a bad ass lady. There is something about being able to do a chin up (which is something I have never been able to do) and having actual, real life abdominal muscles that makes me want to join the local karate dojo. I particularly love it when a bad ass chick has a kick ass wardrobe. Here are some of my favs:

Tank Girl - A British late 80's comic strip character that has some serious balls. She lives in tank, has killer hair and can seriously rock combats!  The comic was made into a film which is so worth checking out.

The Bride, Kill Bill - What is not to love? Martial arts, yellow Bruce Lee inspired leathers and one serious crazy Samurai sword... the Crazy 88 had no chance.

Leeloo, Fifth Element - She was fearless, she could kick ass and was still as cute as a button. Those Gaultier gold leggings floor me and my next hair colour is so going to be that shade of orange. FACT.

Lisbeth Salander -I still don't know why this girl has a dragon tattoo, but I happened to see the film at the drive-ins last time I was in Melbourne and can I just say, she is a proper bad ass. I guess I should read the books but until then I can just go on the hunt for a killer black leather jacket.

L x

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  1. This post is the best best thing ever! You know how much I am the biggest sucker for any chick with kick ass tude and a set of balls!

    D. xx