The Mercura Sisters

I have never been to New York. After all this time of dying to go (but never making it) the Big Apple has become this mythical place full of cool creatives who live to the beat of their own drum. The city seems crammed of people just doing amazing stuff, and I seriously need to go there and explore ASAP.

The Mercura sisters have been making eyewear since the 70’s and for over 3 decades have produced (among many other things) the most spectacular glasses EVA. This is them and I love them.

These glasses are so decadent and beautiful, I can only imagine how special you feel wearing them. I can totally understand why they are a style staple for editorials and celeb dressing.

Seriously, people like this are total inspirations.

Can't wait till the sun comes out so I can pull out my stash of sunglasses... why do I ever put them away?

L x


  1. OMG...I just died a little !!!!!

    L x


    These girlies have a little too much talent!
    D. xx