Feeling Sporty

The last couple of days have been a proper greedy-fest. I have consumed every delicious food option that was available and far to many of those amazing mini Malteaser bunnies (I am currently obsessed, luckily they are only around for Easter.)

You can only imagine my shame when I came across the amazing Karlie Kloss while having a lazy web browsing morning. These images by Hans Feurer for Vogue Paris makes me want to pop on a wind breaker and sprint up a hill or something. Just take a look at those super human power thighs on Kloss!!!! The love 80's edge, sporty feel and rave inspired styling of this shoot.

Images: Fashion Gone Rogue

All this sporty action make think of this amazing video by Matthew Donaldson of Sooyeon Lee. You have to check this out, it's one of the coolest videos EVA and just goes to show there is never a wrong time to wear a bit of fringing. 

video: nowness.com

Who knows D, maybe this will be a whole style reinvention for me and next time you see me I will be rocking some trainers.... Ha, just the thought of that made me laugh out loud!

L x


  1. BAHAHAH! YOU in TRAINERS!!!!!!! i have known you since i was born and I still can not image that look.
    I can however picture you in a kick ass vintage 80's windbreaker!
    D. xx

  2. Lu. the orange outfit in that video with the tassel leggings... HOLY CHRIST! adore!!!! xxxxxx