A Raised Eyebrow

I have had what can only be described as an odd day. This included (among other random things) getting my hand scanned for my 'file'... LONG STORY... but the weirdest part about it all was that eyebrows kept randomly popping into my mind.

Now, lets be clear I am a bit obsessed with eyebrows. Ever since I plucked gothic inspired pencil thin arched ones when I was 15, I have noticed everyone's eyebrows. NOTE: I promptly changed my first eyebrow experiment when my sister informed me that I just looked surprised.... permanently. 

Anyway, I was wondering all day today... could I (or anyone who is not a pop star, a performance artist or on a fashion shoot ) pull off a coloured eyebrow situation in real life???

images: Google

I wanna have fun eyebrows.

L x

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  1. I did the same!!! at 15 i spent about three hours in the bathroom plucking, trimming, shaping to what then turned into pencil thin grossness!

    eyebrows are the best!!! They are my numero uno criteria to a persons hotness!

    and no!!! youre not painting yours! haha!
    D. xx