You know I love my magazines. I especially love the ones that are not stingy in sharing their content online. Faint magazine is so, so, so super generous when it comes to this. Their current ‘Luna Sea’ issue has some of the most beautiful images I have seen in a while and is full of content that is KILLER! It’s so exciting to see a publication that is so wonderfully image heavy. The ambition of founder, Alexandre Dubois (a photographer himself) was to create a publication that showcased creative and inspiring work and I adore every page.

Ausra Osipaviciute

Zac Steinic

Krishan Parmar

Jana Van Boldt

Mariah Jelena

I have spent hours pouring over the images in this magazine... NOW, I just have to go out there and make some of my own.

L x

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  1. Wow! these images are stunning! Now THAT is art!
    D. xx