Stack Attack III

Sorry kids, one last necklace post....It’s always nice to add a point of difference when stacking your jewellery. I like to mix contrasting textures (fabric with metal) or themes (tough with dainty) but lately the easiest way to make a statement is the injection of a little colour to your pile of sparkle.

Tom Binn seems to have the multi strand, multi colour necklace sorted. Started in 2004, Tom finds his creative inspiration in the Dada movement so there is defiantly a hint chaos and whimsy in every piece. There are some extremely delicious pieces in his current collection, how could you ever choose just one?

If you’re your Etsy inclined (and lets face it, not many of us have much splash cash these days) there are defiantly some dazzling hand painted neon alternatives that are sooo on my wish list.

Here are some goodies to check out.

Let’s face it, it’s impossible NOT to want to wear as much gorgeousness around your neck as possible when you see what’s out there!

L x

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  1. OMG! I was looking locally for my bling updates... but now I need look no further!

    D. xx