Erin Wasson for Bullet Magazine

I dont know how well the PVC boots will go around the office Lu, especially coz you haven't been there that long. Me on the other hand... it would almost be expected! ha-ha!

I love that we are having such a 90's week! Check out the shoot from Bullet Magazine. Erin, of course, the epitomy of 90's grunge perfection. The almost black lips with the high ponytail is brilliant. I know this shoot isnt that 90's esc.. but the whole thing just reminds me of how I wanted to look when I was 14.

Bullet Magazine

D-out. xx


  1. Ahhh, I currently work on a construction site. PVC tights are soooooooo a no go...TRUST ME!

    AND, you Dad would have killed you if you look like that when you were 14.

    L x

  2. hahahaha! I know! he stills tries to make me wear a "warm" jacket everywhere I go. No wonder I'm so fcked up about getting a "draft"! hahaha!

    Ok- NO NO NO PVC boots on a construction site.. you will be visually raped in a minute! Eeeeek!

    D. xx