A Spider Lash

I really do fall in love and then become obsessed with the most random things. Currently big fat black clumpy eyelashes have got all my attention. I did not even know they were called spider lashes.. WTF, where have I been? I know, I know the concept sounds a bit gross but seriously, try it... you end up looking like a modern day rebel Twiggie.. it's proper rock!

images: google

The look was all over Lanvin, Gucci, Chole and Versace. I currently have a two mascara system.. the look just makes your eyes go BOOM.. do it!

Note: Be careful with the colour you end up putting on your lips.... this is when the look can potentially move tramp town, you have been warned!

L x

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  1. Totes adore the spider lash... but when too chunky i just want to pick em off.

    D. xx