Local Obsession - Anna Trevelyan

Frig me, it does not get any better than London based stylist, Anna Trevelyan. I feel like she has a set of fresh, untainted eyes when it comes to styling. I love her editorial work which can be seen in publications like Bullet, Schon and V Magazines but she also consults for cool brands and lables and designs a range of clothing in Tokyo. To top it all off, she has worked as Nicola Formichetti for a few years, this girl is everywhere and I love it!

Bullet Magazine - Photography, Malcolm Pate

I Love Fake - Photography, Mark Kean

Bullet Magazine - Photography, Saga Sig

Schön! Magazine - Photography, Yasunari Kikuma

Showoff - photography, Saga Sig

Hunger Magazine - Photography, Rankin

Currently, I have two mini fashion related obsessions and Anna Trevelyan is defiantly one. Just to be clear it’s not like a bunny boiling obsession, more like a girl crush. She friggen owns the Louis Vuitton rubber fetish  boots and loves pink, what is not to like?? (and YES – I also follow her on twitter, sheesh!)

L x


  1. You Tweet????? hahahha!!!!

    She is bangin! my fave is I LOVE Fake!.

    D. xx

  2. Hahaha.. I don't tweet.. I just read. My tweets would be hella boring... I would just be tweeting about crap TV, kittens and clothes.

    L x