Fashion Star

Personally I have had enough with the singing, talent reality TV shows... Until today when I stumbled across Fashion Star. (No- I don't have foxtel, hence why I may be a little behind)
For those of you who haven't seen it, Elle Macpherson is the host and Nicole Ritchie, one of the judges. Two of my most fave women in the universe. 

Elle is outstanding- She is so tanned, toned and hot. She looks so healthy and her style is impecable. Nicole Ritchie on the other hand makes boho appear to stand the best of time. She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen, and I just adore her skinny-ness. 

Thanks Fashion Star for bringing two of the most visually appealing women together into the same time slot. 

picks- google & zimbio

So Beautiful. 
D-out. xx

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  1. OMG.. what is this show????????? I must see it? This is what happens when you work too much. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to working!

    L x