Anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of shoes... coats.... ahhhhh lets face it, clothes in general. I just can't help it. Call it a mini addiction or a hoarding problem but I swear, really do love every piece. With that said lately I have defiantly put a stop to mindless spending. I have things to save for (one being a road trip across the US) and shopping was the first thing I had to stop.Well, until sale time hit London...

Look what I picked up... Melissa + Gareth Pugh sandals for a song at the HERVIA sale.. so so happy!!!

Anyone who had a strawberry smelling eraser when they were a kid, you know what these shoes smell like.... proper bubblegum and I love them!!!!!!

Promise, no more spending... for now....

L x

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  1. It's like bubblegum Gladiator! Adore!

    D. xx