A Touch of the Old School

No matter what happens in the fashion world, I will never be able to get over the 90's Versace look. Scarf prints in bright colours mixed with animals and sequins are just who I am. No one does animal like our dearest Versace. Some people may say Euro trash, but I say those people need to get over beige! haha!
Love Love Love.

Versace Teamed with Jon Bon Jovi =HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

90's versace tumblr

This era perfectly captured the look of the classic Italian woman. Hippy, great eyebrows and lips intense and not afraid to flaunt it. 

D-out. xx


  1. Okay.. first, I added a pic just cos.. one day, i want to be out and see a pair of boys in shirts like that... it would make me so happy.

    Also.. Jovi and Verasace... haha, I bet that is exactly what is happening in your head....everyday. Love it .

    L x

  2. If I saw two men wearing those outfits I think I would have to talk one of them into selling it to me.
    Could you imagine how kick ass that top would be over-sised.... aAaaahhhhhh Heaven.

    D. xxxx