Surreal Spiders - AUGUSTIN TEBOUL

You know those moments where you see something and you die a little from pure love and joy? This is how I feel when I see anything by Augustin Teboul. These amazingly intricate pieces just have the ability to look fragile and tough as nails, all at the same time. I love the tension caused by this contradiction.

The amazing duo of German born Annelie Augustin and French born Odely Teboul seem to combine a sleek line with intense crafty precision to create flawless wearable art.

Please check out the Augustin Teboul website. Not only will you see more beautiful clothes but they have some amazing video of their collections. I have just spent forever on there absorbed by all their beautiful images, it was so worth it.

Seriously, head to toe black never looks so cool!

L x

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