Urban Goth

I was looking out for something to keep the whole crop top vibe going. You're so right D, it's too good to let go and I really don't think we are finished with this whole midriff love... but I have been distracted.

This has been my train of thought... crop top, 80's.... crop top 90's... grunge... seeing Nirvana at the Palace in 92 ... high school... GOTH.  Yep, I pretty much can trace everything back to the dark side and lets face it, I am still known to bang out a few fishnet tops every now and then.

So obviously, I'm so totally in love with this editorial from Under the Influence Magazine. I love love love this shoot... so dark and suburban. HOT.

Photos: Greta Ilieva

Oh my, how much do I want PVC tights? If only that was acceptable office attire!!!

L x


  1. In my mind, this shoot sums up how you will always look to me.
    This is how I remember you when I was begging my dad to let me go with you to The Lenny Kravitz concert when i was like 9!

    D. xx

  2. Ha.. I soooooooooooo remember. Awwwww, how cute were you back then!

    L x