Pantone Queen

I promise that I am not going to bang on about the Jubilee celebrations on my side of the world for too long but... THE QUEEN.... has anyone in the universe ever consistently matched so much? I have proper respect for the range of amazing colour that her Majesty has worn.

I would so love to pull of a coat-dress-hat-shoe-bag matchy matchy combo... (maybe not so much in a royal sensible boxy way, but you know what I mean.)

Queen Pantone book is a collaboration between Pantone and Leo Burnett London and can be found at Yatzer

All this reminds me of one particular fancy dress day at primary school. Despite all my nagging, mum forgot to organise a costume. So the night before she popped me in some sort of modified 'mother of the bride' dress/coat combo, gave me a hat and sent me to school as the Queen Mum. I wanted to go as a rag doll (I was only 8) but in the end the outfit got some proper respect and a hell of a laugh when I went down the catwalk giving the royal wave!

Oh mum, she is always thinking outside the box... Ha, do you think that is why I'm a little off centre?

L x

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH! That image has made my morning!

    D. xx