Locals Only

You can't talk skateboarding without talkin' LORDS OF DOGTOWN! 
Its the story of the Z-boys (Jay Adams, Stacey Peralta and Tony Alva) growing up in the 70's in the Summers of Dogtown Santa Monica. 

Not only are the outfits just totally spot on for the era, the cast is banging. Emile Hirsch plays Jay Adams... Um yes! HOT! 
This movie makes you wanna drop out of school, skate and surf your life away with the perfect tan, cuff off's and sun bleached locks. 

Not to mention.... its mine and my Bro's fave movie!


Watch this movie Lu and you will be hitting the deck in no time! 

D-out. xx

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  1. so gonna get this film to watch... CAN'T wait baby!!!

    L x