Electro Winter in the Summer Time

I’m sure you guys have heard me moan enough BUT I’m going to say it again… currently the summer in London is PANTS! I have never experienced so many consecutive days of rain. Apparently we are on the wrong side of a weirdo jet stream and this is to blame for all the rain. I hate this dam jet steam, whatever it is.

As a result I can’t get myself out of a winter wardrobe mindset. I suspect this is why I was drawn to these images from V Maganize, Spain. Winter outfits with a summer colour pop …

Photographer: Pierre Debusschere

I’m desperate and I’m forced to get my sun indirectly. Sadly, I can only experience summer by indulging in colour saturated images and watching re-runs of Baywatch.

I'm soooooooooo cold right now…

 L x 

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