Saturday Night!

Saturday night peeps and the usual dilemma is forever running around in my skull... What to wear?!?!?!
To be honest, after the awesome night I had last night with the beautiful Kingers and Fishwoman, I seriously have no idea how I'm gong to back it up.... Hmmm no more energy drinks! I just had an Ovaltean.... will that help?

generations of love

carolines mode


miss at la playa

models jam


louboutins and lattes

ulrikke lund

vogue russia

Still have no idea what to wear. It would really help if I had some of the above. Man... what a first world problem. hah!

D-out. xx


  1. Love this post... wish I was there to go out with ya!!!! I could do with a good dance!

    L x

  2. Oh when you come home we are dancing for DAYS!
    I'm so excited!

    D. xx