This week I’m going to be running with the whole dark future alien-type vibe.

When I was a kid the future seemed like it was either going to be a place of apocalyptic mayhem (like Mad Max) or it was going to be consumed with a load of alien technology. In this world what you wore and how you lived would be nothing like you have ever experienced before (obviously, we would all be eating Solent Green… but that would be the only down side)

Let’s face it, there is definite style merit in both predictions but I’m sure the 10 year old me would have thought the future to be been very much like the styling of IIMUAHII. This emerging design company founded in San Francisco by Elena Slivnyak explores modern lines and fabric construction to make the prettiest little aliens ever!

Academy of the Art University graduate Elena claims she wants to bring high fashion back to the US… interesting. I can’t wait to see if this call to arms in will result in a new wave of US avant- garde. Ahhhh, lets face it… that has been bubbling under the radar for a while now … just waiting to properly explode!

L x

P.S.  You know I love that the future is so angular!

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