Burn Outs with Ksubi Kolors

OMG your pictures made me so happy!!!! I friggen I love road trips.  Lets 100% book one in for when I’m in OZ next. I just died a little thinking about it.

One thing that appears on my ‘to own one day’ list is a good old fashion muscle car. I have already picked out my car of choice - a Dodge Charger, I’m leaning towards an early to mid 70’s one. I totally would be one of those dorks that get out the car wax, make it nice and shiny and then drive off for days (mirrored sunglass and chewing gum in hand.)

I’m guessing it’s this part of my brain that connected the dots to the 2011 film and images for the Ksubi coloured denim range. Shot in an airport in Sydney, the director Daniel Askill makes that vibrant denim totally crack against all that smoke and urban grey.  This is so dam cool to watch.

When it came out, I think I watched this video a billion times. It combines beautifully detailed images and burn outs…. What’s not to love??

L x

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  1. OMG adore!

    Mine is a Black Mustang Fastback.. Yeeaahh!

    D. xx