A Glam Ride

Sorry kids, but I can’t get my mind off the road trip. It may have something to do with today being the THIRD consecutive day of sunshine and the fact the guy who sits next to me at work has spent half the day online looking up high performance cars to buy (well jel).

 It all just makes me wanna drive.

Anyways… my dream road trip would totally have a tonne of random glam moments. I know it’s totally ridiculous to bring some sort of blingy outfit into the desert… but hell, who cares about what is appropriate when you on a road trip!?!?!

Images: Vogue Spain Photography: Greg Kadel

This is what I’m talking about – a billowing silk dress and heels on the high way – it can’t get anymore random and fun!

Now time for park, cider, sun and road trip dreaming.

L x

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