Space Cadet

Lu, you know how I feel about sci fi and anything futuristic- Blegh! I don't get it, nor do I want to... This is the style that will always divide is... You see it as the amazing art form that it is.. and me, well, there isn't enough colour for my liking. haha! We all know that I'm totes crushing on anything Galaxy... but hard core future.. Nah....
However, your posts below have blown me away.. Man I though Gaga know what she was doing in the Space Cadet genre.... Wow!

Friday Magazine
Bluemarine AW12 Campaign

Balnciaga Sweats
Prabal Gurung

Dion Lee

Here is my version of happy sci fi. Mirrors, sparkles and digital prints! 
D-out. xx

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  1. I'm just exploring the theme... just too much interesting stuff out there to pass up.

    There are to many amazeballs stuff in your post... will follow up soon.

    L x