Futuristic Theatricality - Erevos Aether

I remember the first time I saw Metropolis – It was at an old cinema that screened classic films and proper old school double features. I knew nothing of Fritz Lang or the films influence I was just drawn to the beautifully dark moody images of an art deco future. (I admit it.. I’m a proper image whore!)

You can’t walk out of that movie without thinking… sexy robot. OK, OK, I am properly just weird that way but there was definitely something exciting about the creation of dare I say, a super stylish robot.

If all that futuristic urban electricity could be harnessed today it would definitely culminate into the Erevos Aether Autumn 2012 collection. I just adore these immaculately constructed futuristic forms. It’s so dark, theatrical and sophisticated…

Not only do the garments look totally amazeballs….. But I love the photography as well. Also, you must check out the Erevos Aether website for some killer moving images. I love it when you get the full fashion package!

L x

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