Run B&tch.. Run

After dinner at my Nonna's last night (and after I inhaled a gallon of pasta).... It hit me.... Ok D, its really time to start hitting the treadmill Even Harder!
Winter is the perfect time to get in shape. You work your ass off and as we are hidden under endless layers and chunky knits; when it comes time in summer to strip.. There is a smoking body underneath.
Well, that's the plan.

Inspired by Bifans awesome quote (when she got it right), Quitters don't win, Winners don't quit! Its time to get my diet on and Run, Run, Run.

Ps- I'm ignoring the tolberone bar that I just finished.

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1- No carbs after 2pm 
This one is the hardest (and worst)
2-No snacking after dinner!
3- Run, run, run!

D-out. xx 

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