Alien Style

Yo-Landi Visser's look from Die Antwoord has sent me on a style tangent... one is suburban sporty, the other is alien. Lets face it, with those massive eyes, micro fringe and tiny power body, she looks like she has just dropped down from another planet. It really does look crazy cool.

This thought sent me on a research frenzy. It seems there is no need to go any further for sexy futuristic alien style than the archives Thierry Mugler. This 2009 Tush Magazine editorial has model Iris Strubegger looking like a hot alien robot that could properly melt you with her mind. All those power shoulders and leather really make me so happy!

Images: Markus Pritzi

I bet aliens have a killer wardrobe... really, why don't I have more structured jackets in my life??

L x


  1. Hmmm! Why dont YOU have MORE jackets??? hahaha!
    Like that is a realistic sentence.

    D. xx

  2. Haha.. are you taking the piss? You know my jacket wardrobe has like doubled since you have last seen it. I am a proper sicko hoarder!

    You love it!

    L x