I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord

I was basically delirious last night when I got home form work.  You know that type of tired where you just don’t think you’re going to make one more minute with your eyes open? Well, all that quickly changed when Die Antwoord came on stage. This group’s sound is hard to describe but it’s like a cross between dirty rap and rave and it just makes you want to jump about till you can not jump no more. They draw from the South African Zef counter culture to mash up music, sound, art, fashion to reach the ultimate exaggerated, funny, subversive climax.

Kids if you get a chance and like to have a proper dance at a gig… you have to go see them! AMAZING!

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Die Antwoord - Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, DJ Hi-Tek

 I have not had that much fun at a gig in like FOREVER (and I see a lot of music)

L x


  1. Who is this group? I want to come to see them with YOU! damn our long distance relationship!
    That chcick looks like a little brawler- Love the style!

    D. xx