Yayoi Kusama V Louis Vuitton

I remember seeing a Yayoi Kusama exhibition years and years ago. It was this insane polka dot padded room filled soft sculptures and hanging forms. The minute you saw it you could not help but be consumed with the artist's obsessive passion.  This insane state of being consumed by your creative nature must  definitely ring true with Marc Jacobs.

The collaboration between Yayoi Kusama and  Louis Vuitton is pretty dam exciting. If only to see what two cool creatives come up with when they have a chance to work together. Lucky for us kids... what they have produced is cutie, cutie, CUTE!

The collaboration can be found in pop up shops around the globe but if you don't get a chance to shop, definitely check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibition (which is currently touring) and get a taste of her dotty universe....

L x

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