London Take Over

London is currently consumed with talk of the Olympics. It's everywhere but I'm not a sport person so I have totally switch off... I just missed the sporto gene it seems. This together with the fact that if you live in London your being told to cease existing during the Olympic period - I can't help but feel it will be a strange few weeks. With that said I'm told there will be amazing elements.... so I'm going to be inspired by these images from a 2011 editorial in Numero magazine to embrace it all.

Photo: Tom Munro Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw Styling: Charles Varenne

I have to say, there is definitely something amazing about watching a strong athletic body (AND I don't mean in a pervy way!) so, ready, set and go... Olympics, show me what ya got!

(BTW, I suspect that no national uniforms will be anywhere as hot as one of the above outfits!)

L x

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