Leather Hit and Me

Currently counting seconds on the clock – It’s Friday and I’m itching to get out of work. Thankfully I (very sneakily) broke through my work’s firewall and can now Google to my hearts content. Thank you internet Gods.

Today I have stubble across the August cover shoot for Vogue China and all I can say is… HOLD THE FRIGGEN PHONE, someone broke into my brain and stole my style!!!!! That is my hair and my wardrobe (ok, mine is obviously a budget version.. I’m talking concept.)  It’s kinda like looking at a hot, rich sexy model version of me… this is defiantly what I look like in my dreams.

Eeeeeeeek....  MY DREAM LOOK... I want to look like this one.. 

Model: Kati Nescher Photography: Josh Olins Fashion Editor: Nicoletta Santoro

The leather gloves in the last image make me die a little on the inside will excess love.

Only 56 min to go. Hope you have a good one kids!

L x 

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  1. How did this happen.... its you!!!!!

    D. xx