That shoot you posted below has totally ROCKED my morning! Um.. The leopard, leather trimmed coat is to die! I think I want black hair again... haha! Not a joke!
I love high fashion shoots gone tough. Hard ass chicks with not a care in the world! I'm such a sucker for this look. Its makes me want to be a drifter.... in designer clothes- (like that's a possibility).

photographer; Ben Morris, model: Jade Jackson, stylist; Dianna Lunt

oracle fox

This image is pure heaven!
D-out. xx


  1. Don't you just love that we pick editorials that kinda look like us... we are friggen funny!

    L x

  2. haha! its so true! It's like 'bizzaro' us in model land!

    aaaahhhh- heaven!

    D. xxx